WAME-Corporate Partnerships & Sponsorship Opportunities


Purpose Statement:

“Teacher Access means Student Access.”  Corporate partners will support Marketing Teacher Professional Development, connecting to industry standards based curriculum, provide network of speakers and material resources and allow member services to improve. If teachers are supported that ultimately helps student opportunities.   



WAME memberships & conference registrations are not enough to support rising costs of banquet, Website & social media fees, Teacher professional development scholarships, WAME board travel, legislative funding support, professional speaker fees and recognizing teachers for their service.

Opportunities for Corporate partnerships with WAME:

  • Guest Speaker

  • In-kind donations (prizes for WAME teachers for being speaker, or drawings at conferences)

  • Vendor table at WAME events

  • Program Sponsorship

  • Title (Partner) Sponsorship

  • mywame.com Advertisement


Vendor Table Fee:         DECA FLC                BAM                One Day                WA-ACTE
                                         (1500 attendees)            (150)                 (30-45)                    (200-800)
                                                October                October               May                  3 Conferences
                                                  $500                       $250                  $150              $3,000 (see attached)


Program Sponsorship:   DECA FLC              BAM
                                                  October                 May
        Back page                        $150                       N/A
        Full page                            $90                        $75 
        Half page                           $50                        $50        


mywame.com Website Advertising

The Washington Association of Marketing Educators is providing an advertising opportunity for your company to have a web presence on the mywame.com website and visibility to all WAME members and visitors.  WAME website annual fee options include:



$350 fee

Your company logo approx. 1”x 1” approx. size will be placed in prime location just below the photo on top right of WAME homepage with link to your business website.

Option 2:


Your logo placed at bottom of the WAME homepage. 1”x 1” approx. size. Your company logo will be linked to your business website.


Option 3:


Your logo placed on our WAME Partners page. 1”x 1” approx. size.  Your company logo will be linked to your business website.


Email larkin.sierra@wenatcheeschoools.org with your logo and advertising option.